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Research Areas

Laser Wakefield Accelerators and Applications

LWFA of > 10 GeV electron beams using 3 PW driver

Table-top synchrotron facility for X-ray science

Laser Production of Protons, Ions, Neutrons and other Particles

“Light sail” ion acceleration with ~ 1 GeV/nucleon

Production of positrons, muons and pions

Medical applications

Strong Field Physics and Relativistic Plasma

Nonlinear QED

Measurements of radiation reaction in both classical and quantum regimes

Laser absorption mechanisms at ultra-high intensities with the effects of radiation reaction

Extreme Laboratory Astrophysics

The dynamics of magnetic fields in reconnection and generation of relativistic plasma jets

Laser-driven reconnection in a relativistic pair plasma

Relativistic shocks
Generation of streaming electron-positron plasmas

Basic Plasma Physics with Intense Lasers

Relativistic and strongly driven nonlinear effects of wave  mixing in plasma

Relativistically induced transparency

Generation of strong magnetic fields (~105 Tesla) and energetic particle dynamics

Nuclear Photonics

High flux monochromatic gamma ray beams for nuclear physics

Studies of photo-fission barriers and cross-sections

Rare fission modes
Nuclear isomers for high-density energy storage