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BBC: December 11, 2023

Why the world’s most powerful lasers could unlock secrets of the cosmos

In this piece on how laser systems are helping scientists probe the fabric of the Universe, the BBC features U-M’s ZEUS, the most powerful laser system in the U.S., and Prof. Karl Krushelnick, as well as Nobel Laureate and Prof. Emeritus Gérard Mourou’s acclaimed research on Chirped Pulse Amplification.
CBS News: October 17, 2023

University of Michigan unveils new super powerful laser

In this video, John Nees and Gerard Mourou talk about the ZEUS laser and the 30-year journey to achieve the three-petawatt laser (100x the world grid power, says Nees). The laser is open to researchers around the world.

Soon-to-be most powerful laser in the US is open for experiments

The NSF-supported facility at U-M is about to begin welcoming researchers to study extreme physics that could advance medicine, microelectronics and more.
Laser Focus World: December 13, 2022

Meet ZEUS, the highest-power laser in the U.S.

Dr. Anatoly Maksimchuk describes Zettawatt-Equivalent Ultrashort pulse laser System (ZEUS), the most powerful laser in the U.S., in a short recorded interview
Michigan Daily: October 27, 2022

UMich research lab houses most powerful laser in the U.S., tests for future studies

The Michigan Daily features ZEUS, the new laser system at CUOS, which is the most powerful laser in the U.S.

Louise Willingale elected Fellow of APS

Willingale is a plasma science leader who is currently helping launch the ZEUS laser facility.
Laser Focus World: October 17, 2022

University of Michigan fires up ultrafast, ultrapowerful ZEUS laser

Laser Focus World highlights Michigan’s ZEUS laser, the most powerful laser in the U.S., which features chirped-pulse amplification and a multi-laser beam capability.
Detroit News: September 25, 2022

UM seeks to use powerful laser to improve health care, probe the universe

The Detroit News highlights the research that will be conducted with Michigan’s ZEUS, the most powerful laser in the U.S.
Detroit News: September 23, 2022

University of Michigan will soon debut its new ZEUS laser beam

The Detroit News publishes a photo spread of the ZEUS facility preparing to begin operations.
September 15, 2022

University’s new laser will be America’s most powerful: 3,000 times stronger than power grid

The Washington Times interviews Prof. Louise Willingale about Michigan’s Zettawatt-Equivalent Ultrashort pulse laser System (ZEUS), the most powerful laser in America.
Associated Press: September 15, 2022

Univ. of Michigan’s ZEUS will be most powerful laser in US

ZEUS is a 3 petawatt laser. And “3 petawatts is 3,000 times more powerful than the U.S. power grid,” said Louise Willingale, Assoc. Director of the laser facility.

First light soon at the most powerful laser in the US

The ZEUS laser at the University of Michigan has begun its commissioning experiments
September 14, 2022

Scientists fire up the most powerful laser in the US

New Atlas features the activation of Michigan’s ZEUS, the most powerful laser in the U.S.

ZEUS Joins International Community of Extreme Light Virtuosos

As a member of the X-lites program, ZEUS joins an international community of extreme light labs working together to advance laser science for the benefit of society

Amy Brooks awarded Staff Excellence Award for extraordinary efforts in difficult times

In addition to stepping up in remarkable ways during the past two years, Brooks has been known for her collaborative initiative, technical competence, and empathy to those in need.

Louise Willingale named Kavli Fellow by the National Academy of Sciences

Willingale was a featured speaker at the 2022 Kavli Frontiers of Science U.S. Symposium, where she presented on high intensity lasers, including ZEUS.

Most powerful laser in the U.S. to begin operations soon, supported by $18.5M from the NSF

With first light anticipated in 2022, the NSF will provide five years of operations funding, ramping up as the ZEUS user facility progresses to full capacity.

Anatoly Maksimchuk recognized for his achievements in high-intensity lasers and laser-plasma interaction

Building on decades of groundbreaking research, Maksimchuk is a key member of the team building the $20M laser facility known as ZEUS

U-M to become Mount Olympus with ZEUS, the most powerful laser to be built in the U.S.

The three-petawatt system could unlock secrets of the universe, advance cancer treatments, improve security screenings for nuclear threats, and much more.