NSF ZEUS Laser Facility

Zettawatt-Equivalent Ultrashort pulse laser System at the University of Michigan


Once completed, the ZEUS laser system will be the highest-power laser system in the US and will be among the highest-power lasers worldwide for the next decade.

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ZEUS will allow exploration of fundamental yet unanswered questions regarding non-linear quantum electrodynamics in relativistic plasmas, including quantum radiation reaction and electron-positron pair production mechanisms.

Facility Access

ZEUS will operate as an NSF sponsored user facility, offering external users experimental access to advance science frontiers and enable discovery.

Cycle 1 User Proposals Due 2/14/2023 at 5 pm EST

ZEUS to be the most powerful laser in the U.S.

A newly constructed University of Michigan facility that will be home to the most powerful laser in the United States is hosting its first experiment this week (Sept. 14)(AP video: Mike Householder)

ZEUS Town Hall- Call for Proposals

The status of the NSF ZEUS 3PW laser facility including target area configurations, user access information and information on the call for proposals.