CUOS Seminar | Optics Seminar

RESCHEDULED from Monday! CUOS Noon Seminar: Femtosecond Laser Microfabrication/In-Cavity Photonics

Dr. Darius GailevičiusProf. of PhysicsLaser Research Center, Faculty of Physics, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania
3358 DuderstadtMap

Femtosecond Laser Microfabrication: Insights and Applications With In-Cavity Photonics

I will present an overview of ongoing research at Vilnius University Laser Research Center on developing
microfabrication techniques with femtosecond lasers. We use such lasers as versatile tools for material
structuring of both metals and dielectrics at micro and nano scales. Our approach is based on the
developing a detailed understanding of light-matter interaction processes and then using it for the
highly-accurate fabrication of photonic elements, with a particular emphasis on in-cavity photonics.

Pizza will be served!

Faculty Host

Prof. Almantas GalvanauskasCenter for Ultrafast Optical Science