Multi-Petawatt Physics Prioritization (MP3) Workshop announced

The Multi-Petawatt Physics Prioritization (MP3) Workshop will bring together scientific communities to focus on promising new science enabled by a new generation of ultra-intense and powerful lasers (such as ZEUS!). Louise Willingale, Assistant Professor in the U-M Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, will be co-chairing the workshop. Everyone from the ZEUS community please get Continue Reading »

Saturday Morning Physics VIRTUAL Event | The Light Fantastic, Alec Thomas – Professor (U-M NERS and U-M Physics)

Youtube Event Link: (Link will be active at 10:30 am on 11/14/20.) See for more details.

Since the invention of Chirped Pulse Amplification (Strickland and Mourou, Physics Nobel 2018), lasers have become increasingly powerful by squeezing energy into inconceivably short pulses. The pulses of light produced by these lasers, such as the new ZEUS Continue Reading »