Building Construction

The University of Michigan is funding the expansion of the High Field Science laser laboratories to accommodate the ZEUS facility. The cleanroom (ISO 7) that houses the laser system is being extended, there will be two new target areas (TA1 and TA2), a new experimental control room, new target preparation facilities and a new laser control room.

The cleanroom construction is due to be complete in October 2021, with full occupancy of the renovated areas due in December 2021. Below are some photos of the area at various stages of the construction.

The old laboratories were completely removed to make space for the extended laser clean room, new ZEUS target areas experimental control room and target facilities.
Cement was poured into the building for the thick radiation shielding walls and floor.
The concrete shielding walls for the new Target Area 1 (right) and Target Area 2 (left)
The radiation shielding was extended to the full height of the building to protect the upper level offices.
The new laser cleanroom (not yet clean!).
The target areas have thick, rolling shielding doors that close before laser shots.
The new Target Area 1. The window in the shielding wall will allow a long focal length focusing geometry.
The new corridor running alongside the experimental control room.
The experimental control room – new furniture to come.


The installation of the Amplitude Pulsar front end.